Arrichion Hot Yoga: Choice Studio to Really Sweat

There are many reasons why people do yoga – meditation, spiritual connectivity, improve flexibility, strength training, etc. Arrichion Hot Yoga, down the road from Southpoint Mall, offers hot yoga classes and circuit training to improve general health and athletic performance. So, if you want a tough workout or want to do yoga without the spiritual aspects, come here.

Photo by Nicole Coscolluela

Behind the Scenes

Owners Marissa and Steve opened this location of Arrichion in 2016. Marissa has a gymnastics background while Steve has a strength training background. The class offerings are on the athletic side and incorporate Marissa and Steve’s favorite exercises. The sequences may be the same but every class is different. With class names such as “Topaz,” “Bloodstone,” and “Diamond,” you will have to read the descriptions of each to know what to expect. But, just know that there are various intensity levels and the hot yoga here does not exceed 100 degrees. The temperature in the hot yoga room ranges from 95 to 98 degrees based on the class intensity and the number of people in the room. Personally, I cannot handle hot yoga beyond 100 degrees so this range for me is just right.

Photo by Nicole Coscolluela

What to Expect

When I arrived for the hot pilates class (“Krystallos”), folks in the circuit class were leaving and everyone was absolutely dripping in sweat. However, they all had smiles on their faces and Marissa wished them goodbye by name. Additionally, the studio has showers and a changing area along with toiletries for those needing to wash off after class. Overall, I felt very comfortable there because of the amenities and the friendliness. As a regular yoga practitioner, I have been to many studios and it can be intimidating visiting one for the first time. I can automatically tell if I will be comfortable in a studio as soon as I walk through the door.

Photo by Nicole Coscolluela

We’ll be Back

I definitely want to return to try out their other classes. One thing that makes Arrichion unique is their “Tigers Eye” class that combines hot yoga and circuit training. Another is their MMA Yoga class that incorporates mixed martial arts and weights with yoga. This particular class caught my eye because I have never heard of such a combination before and am intrigued. One thing I do know is, I will be sweating A LOT.

Arrichion is located at 202 West NC Highway 54, Suite 102 in Durham. Classes are first come, first serve; you do not reserve a spot online. More info and the class schedule can be found here:


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Photo by Nicole Coscolluela
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Even though I am a relative newbie to North Carolina, I have come to greatly appreciate everything the state and the Triangle has to offer! Not only did the friendliness surprise me (I’m from New Jersey where most people are not) but the support for local products and family-owned businesses became something I respected and admired. As an archaeologist and public historian, I eventually became familiar with Durham’s history, which is a large part of how I came to really love the city. It is gritty, a little rough, and very diverse. When I’m not working, you can catch me doing yoga (points to you if you recognize me and can guess where) and eating and drinking my way around town. I have a weakness for pastries and baked goods so there is a good chance you can spot me at one of the local bakeries.