The Bulls of Durham Project

You may have heard of ‘The Bulls of Durham’ project, or heck, you have even confused our page ‘Best of the Bull’ with it a time or two. We’re not mad about it, we’re actually good friends. But in case you didn’t know, ‘The Bulls of Durham’ is a living history book about the bulls (metaphorical and human) that make up Bull City.

We didn’t become friends solely because we both have an obsession of bulls. I actually met Sheila over Instagram before she ever arrived in Durham, I think it was actually over a mutual love for the ‘Green Bay Packers’ that we first connected. She was set to move here soon and we set up somewhat of a ‘blind friend date’ at Foster’s . I figured if she turned out to be an ax murder then at least I would die eating Foster’s pie.

Well, she wasn’t fortunately and fast forward a lot of friend dates and Instagram strategizing later, we’re unBULLivably good friends now. So when she asked me to be the project photographer I said “YES!” without hesitation. I had no idea what it would entail or all the amazing people I would get to meet that make up this city. 

I’m excited, humbled, and honored to announce I’m the official project photographer for ‘The Bulls of Durham’!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of this project. I hope I can capture the rich culture and community of Durham and even begin to do it justice. In the book, Sheila really captures what Durham makes, well, Durham. The people, the history, and the story behind every bull. 

Just a sneak peak of some of the images you’ll see in the book

This project is unique in the fact you can follow along with the process of the book as it’s made on and Instagram @TheBullsOfDurham

You can also help support the project by getting one of these bull love mugs of your own!