3 Local Bakeries You NEED To Try

We know what you may be thinking - death to carbs because #sixpackabs.  We get it; it’s summer, and keto and juice cleanses are...

Bean Traders: Delicious Coffee in a Funky Setting

It may be located in a strip mall, but don’t let that fool you. It’s surprisingly large inside with plenty of seating and they...

Namu: One of the Best Patios in Durham

You’d be hard pressed to find another outdoor space that is this beautiful, has great coffee, and wi-fi to work from. One of the...

Kaffeinate: Heavenly Coffee in a Cozy Cafe

Kaffeinate is a quaint little Brightleaf-adjacent coffee shop. Their coffee is heavenly and their service is always excellent. Plus the atmosphere is warm and...

East Durham Bake Shop

The highly-anticipated East Durham Bake Shop (originally East Durham Pie Company) opened its doors to a welcoming clientele this week. From the...

11 Breakfast Spots to Know in Durham

Breakfast may be the best meal of the day and Durham has it down pat. What’s even better is that it can all be found throughout the day! Here's some spots you need to know about!


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