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Hey, Durham business owners! I’m Katelyn Belch, founder of Best of the Bull and I get asked pretty often if we can feature a business or event on our site or Instagram page.

And the answer is always YES! We are always looking for genuinely awesome locally owned businesses, organizations and fun events to showcase on Best of the Bull!

We love local advertising. Why? People want to hear from local businesses and discover new places. That’s why we exist. 


How Do I Get Featured?

It’s pretty simple. Just invite a member of our team to your business or event so we can experience firsthand how awesome it is.

How Do You Promote My Business or Event?

So, you have a few different options. The reason our page is so popular is because we highlight businesses and events in a real way that our readers and followers can connect with.

  • You can do a giveaway with us and gain some new followers and customers.
  • You can do a featured social campaign that includes a post and Instagram story line so our followers get all the awesome details about you.
  • You can get a full length featured article on our site that includes a social media feature. Plus it lives on the site forever and ever. Can you say exposure?
  • You can place some awesome image ads on our site that are featured in a natural way in our articles.
  • Or if you really like us you can become a community partner and get tons of exposure every month.

You can choose all of them or just one.

Why Should I Partner With You?

Well, Best of the Bull has a pretty big reach in the Triangle. Which means lots of exposure for you and in turn, more customers.

We were recently voted ‘Best Local Interest Website’ in the Triangle by Indy Week readers. We’re pretty proud of that.

Plus we genuinely love and care about small businesses. We only feature locally owned spots on our site because it’s that important to us.

We’re your neighbors and customers too. If we love a place or event we are seriously excited to share about it and our followers are excited to hear about it.


What Does This Cost Me?

The short answer is, it depends. 

The amount of time these things take look a little different for each business. But, just ask and I can give you a range. No pressure.


How long have you been doing this?

We launched Best of the Bull in 2015 with nothing more than a love for the great city of Durham and its unique local businesses. It’s our hope that we can help build a better local community and help keep Durham unique.

What’s the heaviest weight lifted by a human beard?

Ooh, good question! According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest weight lifted by a human beard was about 141 pounds, lifted by Antana Kontrimas of Istanbul, Turkey. Yep, that’s the weight of a decent-sized person hanging from his facial hair. Think you can do better?

Ready to Do This Thing?

Here’s how the process works. If you are interested in being featured on Best of the Bull, fill out the contact form below with the following:

1. Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what your business or event is.

2. Include Your Social Links for Your Business/Event. Facebook profile, Twitter handle, Instagram. At this point you might say, meh, not interested. Even if we didn’t ask for this, you know we were going to look anyway. So you may as well submit your links and save us the step of tracking you down. We like to put a face to the name!

We have a pretty awesome Director of Partnerships and he'll be in touch with you soon.

You Need More Info?

Here you go. Click here to see more details about our Partnership Opportunities, along with our reach and demographics.


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