Durham is home to a truly thriving coffee scene. Explore some of the local favorites and new-to-you options around the city. Here’s our guide to the best coffee shops in Durham sorted by neighborhoods!

Downtown Durham Coffee Shops

321 coffee durham nc
321 Coffee

321 Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Durham’s thriving coffee scene, 321 Coffee stands out as a heartwarming addition that brings more than just great brews to the table.

More than just a coffee shop, 321 Coffee is on a mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Founded by Lindsay Wrege and and Michael Evans, the two met during their freshman year as Park Scholars at NC State University. They had the vision to build a company founded on inclusion, and the shop offers exceptional coffee brewed with love by friendly baristas.

The cozy and welcoming space radiates positivity and inclusivity, making it a perfect spot to unwind, work, or connect with friends.

beyu caffe durham

Beyu Caffé

Stepping into Beyu Caffé feels like entering a warm and welcoming oasis. This local staple is known for its excellent service, scrumptious food, and a friendly ambiance that invites you to stay and enjoy their ample seating.

Whether you’re seeking a serene spot to work or a social hub to meet friends, Beyu Caffé has got you covered.

everlou coffee
Everlou Coffee

Everlou Coffee

Everlou Coffee is not just a coffee shop; it’s a community hub. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot to unwind, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy your favorite coffee blend. Their commitment to sustainability and ethically sourced beans makes the experience even more fulfilling.

Durham Hotel durham nc
Durham Hotel Coffee Shop

The Durham Hotel

Nestled within the chic Durham Hotel is a coffee shop that exemplifies sophistication and taste. Escape the office and find comfort at the Durham Hotel Coffee Shop. This coffee spot offers plenty of seating, a kind staff, and mid-century vibes that make it an ideal location to work remotely.

foster's street coffee
Foster Street Coffee

Foster Street Coffee

With an owner who always greets you with a smile, Foster Street Coffee is all about comfort. Their oversized, cozy chairs and a welcoming fireplace create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Liturgy Beverage Company

Liturgy Beverage Company

Located inside the Durham Food Hall, Liturgy Beverage Company is a gem that true coffee enthusiasts will adore. Their passion for the craft of coffee-making is evident in every sip.

The Oak House

The Oak House

Coffee shop by day, bar by night! For a laid-back and inviting atmosphere, The Oak House is the perfect destination. Their dedication to supporting local artists and musicians adds an artistic flair to your coffee experience, making it an ideal spot to unwind and soak in the creative vibes.

parker and otis durham
Parker and Otis

Parker and Otis

Parker and Otis is a delightful combination of coffee shop and retail store. While savoring your coffee, you can browse through an array of unique gifts and gourmet treats, making it a one-of-a-kind coffee shop experience.

press durham coffee crepes cocktails
Press Coffee, Crepes & Cocktails

Press Coffee, Crepes & Cocktails

Press Coffee, Crepes & Cocktails stands out with its versatile menu, offering everything from your morning pick-me-up to delectable crepes and innovative cocktails. It’s the ideal spot for any time of the day when you crave a delightful treat.

New World Cafe

New World Cafe

This traditional European-style cafe delights coffee enthusiasts with a variety of coffee, pour overs, and espresso drinks sourced from renowned roasters like Black & White Roasters and Counter Culture Coffee. Beyond exceptional brews, the cafe also serves up a delectable menu, including breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, acai bowls, avocado toast, pastries, and more.

Yonder Coffee

Yonder Coffee

A hidden gem in Durham’s awesome coffee scene. It’s not just a cafe but also a coffee subscription service. How awesome is that? These guys are all about spreading the love for fantastic coffee roasters from all corners of the globe.

Duke University’s Campus Coffee Shops

Beyu Blue

For those near Duke University, Beyu Blue is a hidden gem. After a visit to Duke Chapel, treat yourself to a delicious coffee and pastries at this delightful campus cafe.

Lakewood Coffee Shops

cocoa cinnamon coffee shops durham nc
Cocoa Cinnamon

Cocoa Cinnamon

Prepare to indulge your senses at Cocoa Cinnamon, where coffee is elevated to an art form. This visionary coffee shop doesn’t shy away from experimenting with unique flavors and spices, offering an exciting twist to traditional coffee beverages. It’s no surprise that Cocoa Cinnamon has gained a devoted following among adventurous coffee enthusiasts.

Address:  420 W Geer St, 2627 Hillsborough Rd, 2013 Chapel Hill Rd

Check out our complete guide to Cocoa Cinnamon here

Guglhupf durham nc bakeries


At Guglhupf, the coffee experience intertwines with the charm of a European-style bakery and cafe. The aroma of freshly baked pastries fills the air, complementing their delicious coffee blends. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely morning or afternoon with friends.

West Durham Coffee Shops

cloche coffee durham nc best coffee shops durham

Cloche Coffee

Cloche Coffee’s chic and minimalist design reflects the elegance of its carefully crafted coffee offerings. The baristas here are true artists, creating exquisite latte art that almost feels too beautiful to sip. If you’re in the mood for a coffee experience that’s both refined and refreshing, Cloche Coffee is the place to be.

mad hatter's best coffee shops durham
Mad Hatter’s

Mad Hatter’s

Steps away from 9th Street, Mad Hatter’s offers delectable desserts that are simply dreamy. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famed black and white cake – the perfect treat to brighten your day.

North Durham

Omie’s Coffee Shop and Roastery

A woman-owned, low-waste cafe that serves up the finest espresso drinks, drip coffee, cold brew, and tea, along with local baked goods. Not only do they brew exceptional beverages, but they also pay their employees a living wage, making it a feel-good spot to enjoy your favorite cup of joe!

South Durham

Bean Traders

Get ready for a funky and inviting coffee experience at Bean Traders. This cafe is a favorite among locals, thanks to its wonderful staff and the willingness to share their knowledge about their distinct coffee blends.

The added charm of roasting their own beans sets them apart.

best coffee shops durham bull and bean

Bull and Bean

Bull and Bean is a great spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch any day of the week. We love that they serve Counter Culture coffee and if you want to grab an iced coffee, the ice cubes are made from coffee so your drink doesn’t get watered down. Score!

Dulce Cafe

A little slice of coffee heaven awaits at Dulce Cafe. This family-owned gem brings a touch of warmth and love to every cup they serve.

Indulge in both delightful coffee and delectable desserts at Dulce Cafe. Their gelato, macarons, cookies, and tarts are works of art that taste as amazing as they look.

best coffee shops durham joe van gogh

Joe Van Gogh

With two prime locations across Durham and their own beans roasted to perfection, Joe Van Gogh is a true gem. Be sure to try their delightful lavender syrup, crafted in-house, and savor their famous Oat Milk Latte.

This coffee shop has been a pioneer in promoting fair trade and environmentally friendly practices while offering an extensive range of premium coffee selections. A visit to Joe Van Gogh is not just a coffee break; it’s a commitment to a better world.

namu durham nc best coffee shops durham


For an enchanting coffee experience, head to Namu. This coffee shop boasts a beautiful bamboo garden, outdoor seating, and a calming koi pond – perfect for enjoying a peaceful coffee break.

This Korean-inspired coffee shop brings a delightful twist to familiar favorites, leaving you with a memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

People's Coffee durham nc coffee shops best coffee shops durham
People’s Coffee

People’s Coffee

Looking for an alternative to the typical coffee chains? People’s Coffee, nestled behind Southpoint Mall, is everything you desire in a coffee shop – cozy, unique, great coffee, and a warm atmosphere. Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a photo in front of their captivating hand-painted mural wall.

Triangle Coffee House

Friendly baristas, good coffee, and reasonable prices await you at Triangle Coffee House. The abundance of outlets makes it an excellent spot for working or studying, making it a go-to destination at UHill.

Whisk and Rye

Last but certainly not least, Whisk and Rye is a coffee shop that embraces the spirit of adventure. Their unique coffee creations and seasonal offerings ensure that there’s always something new to explore. You’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting each visit to see what delightful surprises they have in store.

Durham’s coffee scene is a treasure trove of delightful flavors, warm hospitality, and community spirit. So, grab your coffee passport and embark on a journey of caffeinated bliss through the best coffee shops Durham has to offer!

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