Looking to learn some new skills in 2018? Look no further than SkillPop! SkillPop is a community-driven way for people to access in-person classes on a variety of subjects. A couple of classes that have already been hosted in the Raleigh/Durham area include: Macrame Plant Hangers, Intro to Adobe Illustrator, Intro to Screen Printing, How to Buy a House, and Brush Lettering Basics.

 Photo: Ashley Adams, Brush Lettering Class Photo: Ashley Adams, Brush Lettering Class

SkillPop began just a short drive away in Charlotte as a start up in 2015. (So we’ll still consider them NC homegrown!) Then expanded to Raleigh and Durham in 2016. There’s anywhere from 3 to 5 classes and workshops available each week on everything from arts and crafts to business and marketing.

I had my first, but certainly not my last, SkillPop class a couple of weeks ago! I tried out the brush lettering class, I wanted this class to be something that I could use in my everyday life. Quick side note – I’ve noticed that almost every class SkillPop hosts can be used in everyday life, whether it’s for personal or professional use!

 Hey! Monkey Designs Intro to Screen Printing Hey! Monkey Designs Intro to Screen Printing

For most classes that SkillPop hosts, you do not need to provide your own materials. If the class does require certain materials to be purchased and brought with, they provide suggestions on where to find and buy them.

Having now taken a SkillPop class, I really appreciate how their dynamic is all about teaching and learning. Our teacher came by each table and worked with us and answered any questions we had.

 Macrame Wall Hanging at Full Steam Brewery Macrame Wall Hanging at Full Steam Brewery

I love that Durham is this community that can share space and artistic growth, whether you’re just beginning or you’re already skilled!

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Check out a complete list of SkillPop classes here!

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Ashley Adams
Author: Ashley Adams

I moved to Durham two years ago to continue my Minor League Baseball career with the Durham Bulls. During the off-season or when the Bulls are on the road, I like to spend my time with my boyfriend and Husky! We love exploring Durham - whether its walking on trails, eating at local restaurants or trying craft beer. Looking forward to sharing some of these great spots and more articles!