Unique shipping container complex will feature food, retail, events and services

Boxyard RTP, a 15,000-square-foot cargotecture development, will be coming to the Frontier RTP campus (Highway 54 near T.W. Alexander Drive) in 2020. Plans for Boxyard RTP include space for up to nine food and beverage vendors, as well as several retailers and service providers.

Designed to support retail and dining entrepreneurship in the Triangle, Boxyard RTP food and beverage container spaces will come with partial kitchen equipment upfits, enabling smaller businesses to focus on preparing food rather than expensive overhead.

The complex will be people and dog-friendly, and is adjacent to an existing public dog park on the Frontier RTP campus.

The unique development will also be home to a rich program of events, providing social, educational and health-oriented opportunities to patrons. Covered spaces for seating, special events and performances will be located throughout Boxyard RTP, creating an indoor/outdoor shopping and dining experience to enjoy year round. The complex will be people and dog-friendly, and is adjacent to an existing public dog park on the Frontier RTP campus.

“Boxyard RTP is a workhorse opportunity for RTP and the region,” says Scott Levitan, president and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation. “Experimental food, libations and retail, cool programming and event opportunities will flip the energy switch for RTP and our neighborhood communities.”

Sustainably constructed from re-purposed shipping containers, the Boxyard concept takes its name and inspiration from an existing development in Tulsa, OK, where it is a key part of the revitalization of the city’s East Village district. “The Boxyard fosters a sense of community and a sense of place, and we have seen it become a de-facto incubator for both food and retail businesses,” says Casey Stowe, developer of the Boxyard concept. “Several of our original tenants have outgrown their original container and either expanded within the Boxyard or into other locations.” While the Tulsa location is largely composed of retail shops, Boxyard RTP will be focused on local food offerings and programmatic experiences.

Historically zoned as office and lab space for the region’s growing tech and life science sectors, these new shops and restaurants will be strategically located within the RTP boundary to serve the growing number of companies located in the Park, as well as residents in nearby Cary, Morrisville, and Durham.

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