Da Kine’s Kava, owned by husband and wife team Brent Waffle and Zoey Best, will be opening their first storefront at 1114-B W. Chapel Hill Street. The store will act as a non-alcoholic bar, featuring cocktails made from kava and other herbal alternatives, coffee, kombucha, and teas.

Kava is a drink made from the roots of a tropical shrub, and when consumed it can naturally help to relieve stress and anxiety. Kava is becoming more popular in the US as an alternative to alcohol, as it acts similarly to “take the edge off” without many of the negative side effects (no hangovers!)

Kava is grown in the Pacific Islands, where it is a primary component of many cultural and social activities. Brent and Zoey were introduced to kava while living in Hawaii, and they share a strong passion for honoring Polynesian culture. They have always been drawn to the “aloha mentality” of kindness, support, and acceptance, and they hope to promote and share these values within the community in Durham.

Da Kine’s Kava will fill the space previously occupied by Joe Van Gogh Coffee. Depending on construction time, they are hoping to open their doors to their first customers by mid to late June. They will be conducting a “Half-Ass Grand Opening” in order to comply with all regulatory ordinances amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and they will also continue to offer local delivery and takeout options.

Zoey Best, owner Photo: Da Kine’s Kava

Zoey is a Durham native and a Duke graduate, and she and Brent could not be more excited to bring an Island-inspired hangout spot to Durham. After such a difficult period of time as the pandemic, they hope that their new bar can provide the pick-me-up that Durham deserves!

Photos by Da Kine’s Kava

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