Tea lovers rejoice! Jeddah’s Teahouse will be opening at 123 Market Street in Downtown Durham in the Summer of 2019! They’ll be showcasing teas and specialty blends from across the globe, as well as locally-sourced small bites & unique tea accessories.

Meet Morgan & Wael

Photo: Jeddah’s Tea

Husband-and-wife team Wael and Morgan plan to combine their passions for tea, social activism and community and aim to create a space where all people can come together over a great cup of tea. They both grew up in homes deeply steeped in tea culture, they love and appreciate the many roles a cup of tea can play: the reconciler, the peacekeeper, the comforter, the storyteller and the sage.

Carrying on Family Tradition

Photo: Jeddah’s Tea

Jeddah’s tradition of bringing people together over a gratifying cup of tea is what Wael and Morgan aim to do. Wael’s maternal grandmother, lovingly known as “Jeddah”, brewed her customary “Daallo Blend” for customers at her bukhoor (incense) shop in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Even after she was forced to flee with her daughter and two nieces due to civil unrest, she served her new community with the same brand of love, care and enthusiasm. It is in her memory that Jeddah’s Tea was founded, and through which her legacy will live on.

Responsible Sourcing

Jeddah’s Tea works with small family farms to shed light on the plight of the small farmer, as well as stimulate and encourage local economies. All their teas and spices are organic and fair-trade.

Where You Can Find Them

You can find their teas all over town at spots like Zen Succulent, East Durham Bake Shop, and various pop-ups. They’re always happy to chat with you, make recommendations, and teach you a little bit about tea. We’re excited for them to have their very own space soon and look forward to seeing what they create!

You can connect with Jeddah’s Tea on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Katelyn Belch
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