We walk past them every day, but how often do we stop and actually enjoy some of the street art around Durham? There’s some fantastic murals that can truly brighten your day. A few are even tucked away so you have to do some searching. Grab your walking shoes and get a few Instagram-worthy shots to show off.

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

1. Grab Life by the Horns

Location: 120 W. Parrish St, Durham, NC

Artist: Victor Knight

This mural is tucked away on Alley 26 off Parrish Street. It’s a giant two-story tall bull! What’s more Durham than that? This courtyard is usually locked so you’ll have to sneak a picture through the gates, but it’s definitely worth the trip!

Artist: @j_massullo Photo: @offramp1

2. Duke Free Expression Tunnel

Location: On Campus Drive under Main Street

Near East Campus, the Duke Free Expression Tunnel is where anyone can be an artist. ? Snap a few pictures then maybe add some art of your own!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

3. Pauli Murray

Location: 313 Foster St. Durham

Artist: Brett Cook

Pauli Murray from the Face Up: Telling Stories of Community Life Project. Pauli Murray championed the fight for gender equality, assisted in desegregating schools, and was literally a saint. She once said, “What is often called exceptional ability is nothing more than persistent endeavor”. A daily reminder for us to never give up. She truly was the best of the Bull City.

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

4. Swarm

Location: 210 W Pettigrew St. Durham (Side of Burt’s Bees building)

Artist:  Matthew Willey

This buzzing mural is part of the Good of the Hive Initiative They’re painting 50,000 honey bees across America to celebrate their awesomeness and raise awareness about their struggle. Honey bees are an important part of our world!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

5. The Durham Civil Rights Mural

Location: 120 Morris St. Durham

Artists: Brenda Miller Holmes

I love the people and events that this mural celebrates, like Julian Francis Abele, the African American architect who designed Duke Chapel, and actually a lot of Duke’s Campus, but never got to go inside because of segregation laws.

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

6. Ninth Street Bakery

Location: 136 E Chapel Hill St, Durham

Artist: Scott Nurkin

This mural really brightens up the bakery! A nod to their organic flour is that milled locally at Lindley Mills in Graham, NC. Their flour is milled from whole grain and used within about two weeks! This mural makes me want to stop in and grab some treats!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

7. Celebrate

Location: 108 E. Main St. Durham

Artist: Michael Brown

This mural is called ‘Celebrate’ ? I’d love to think it’s celebrating this awesome city we live in and all of you!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

8. Here Comes the Sun

Location: Corner of E Main St and N Church St, downtown Durham

Artist: Karen Perkins

Originally painted in the 1970s and restored in the 90s. It sure adds some sunshine to your day!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

9. Cosmic Cantina

Location: 1920 Perry St.

Freedom of expression is shown all throughout our beloved City. There are many examples but this hallway leading to Cosmic Cantina (The Best Mexican food on the Planet as they say) caught my eye! Maybe your name is up there.. ?

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

10. Angel of Spring

Location: 700 9th St, Durham

Artist: Michael Brown

One of my favorite murals in Durham! Entitled ‘Angel of Spring’. Did you know that the artist that painted this also did the bull sign at the Durham Bulls Ballpark? Pretty cool!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

11. Untitled

Location: 401 W. Geer St. Durham

Artist: Josh McBride

Home to the Mothership, this is one of the most colorful and unique murals in all of Durham!

Photo: Katelyn Belch, Best of the Bull©

12. Two Way Bridges

Location: 800 W. Main St. Durham

Artists: Duke students and visiting artists

This mural is called Two Way Bridges or ‘Puentes de Doble Via’. Part of the larger Two Way Bridges project that celebrates the link between Duke University and Latino communities. They use collaborative art and bidirectional learning to connect and enrich both the communities! Durham at it’s finest. Celebrating and collaborating ❤

Katelyn Belch
Author: Katelyn Belch

Founder of Best of the Bull and Shop Durham. It’s my chief goal to keep you in the know about all things Durham.