Not Your Average Cup of Local Coffee

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There are not many drinks that can span many lifestyles and tastes, but coffee is that drink. We drink it before work and school, on first dates, or while trying to meet a deadline. Coffee may be apart of our daily lives, but it definitely doesn’t have to be boring! In this article we will explore a few local shops that are trying to change the way we look at coffee and introduce our taste buds to some exciting new coffee drinks!

1. Cocoa Cinnamon

Well known for their community driven atmosphere and unique drink menu, Cocoa Cinnamon is one of the first places you want to go if you’re looking for something new and fun. Just a quick glance at their menu is enough to entice even the most routine coffee drinker. The Dr. Durham, is a tasty blend of maca, ginger, vanilla bean syrup and topped with activated sea salt! While this combination may not be on everyone’s radar, it’s definitely worth trying!

2. Kaffeinate

Have you ever wished that your coffee was just a bit more colorful? Well, then Kaffeinate just made your wish come true. The Okinawan Steamer, made with or without espresso, is the perfect way to spice up your normal coffee shop visit and add a little pop to that Instagram post. A mixture of purple sweet potatoes, maple syrup, and cinnamon, this drink not only tastes delicious but also looks beautiful.

3. Caffe Bellezza

You can find this mobile coffee shop every Saturday at the Durham Farmer’s Market and follow along on their adventures by looking at their calendar. They have all of the original favorite coffee drinks, but they also have a few drinks that you’ve probably not tried. For instance,  the Southern Charm. A mixture of North Carolina molasses, smoked paprika, and freshly ground Himalayan seat salt this latte is for sure going to convince you that savory lattes are the future.

4. The Durham Hotel

As the weather begins to warm up, the coffee starts to cool down and The Durham Hotel understands that. Well known for their rooftop views and their coffee soda, their Coconut and Cardamom Cold Brew Latte is a standout. A smooth, shaken latte, this new classic is sure to make the brutal heat of summer more enjoyable.

5. Namu

One of the most buzzed about new coffee shops in Durham, this Korean BBQ/specialty coffee bar has never settled for being ordinary and their menu reflects that. With a vast variety of coffees and teas, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee will catch the eye of many customers especially as the weather begins to warm up. With a blend of sharp espresso and velvety vanilla notes, the drink is small but packs quite the punch!

Photos and article by our incredible contributor, Tori Partin! Interested in writing for us? Visit this page. 


Tori Partin
Author: Tori Partin

Tori Partin is a barista in downtown Durham and freelance social media consultant. She spends most of her free time listening to true crime podcasts, drinking a lot of coffee, and trying to pet all the dogs.