When walking into a nail boutique, people are relieved by the opportunity to sit down, exhale, and relish in the tranquility of a relaxing manicure or pedicure. Many salons provide a blissful experience; however, Joy, the owner of Nailz NC, has a mission to go beyond simply pampering her customers. Her goal is to make each individual who steps in feel beautiful, radiant, and ultimately, the best version of themselves.

Photo: Ashley Grimes

Positioned a few minutes outside of downtown Durham, Nailz NC opened in December of 2017. Recently, I visited Joy for a gel manicure, and while my nails were stunning, the experience I had made an impact on me. As I sat in the manicure chair, I learned about Joy’s enthusiasm for her business, the journey she has taken to reach where she is today, and the aspects of her products that make the salon unique. I could hear in her voice and through her stories how passionate she was about the industry, and even more so, the individuals who walk through her doors. Through thoughtful questioning, she took the time to get to know me, and by the end of the appointment, I felt like I was speaking with a friend.

Photo: Ashley Grimes

Joy’s focus is to provide organic nail care and to educate her clients on the proper way to grow natural, healthy nails. All of her polishes are 5-free or 7-free which eliminates many harmful ingredients that can cause health issues, and her scrubs and serums are certified organic. Joy offers manicure services including Simple Nailz, Hot Oil Nailz, Zoya Naked Nailz, and many more. Instead of offering acrylic nails, she offers a gel tip extension for clients who want to add length. Knowing you are being treated with gentle, all-natural products makes the experience even more luxurious and puts your mind at ease.

I am already looking forward to returning to Nailz NC in the future to receive one of Joy’s pedicure services. I was eyeing the pedicure chair during my last visit, and it’s aesthetic resembles that of a modern spa.  In addition to its white fabric and plush cushions, the chair is pipe-less and a new tub disposal liner is used for each client to ensure the upmost cleanliness.

Nailz NC is located at 3209 Guess Road in Suite 202 in Durham. For more information or to book an appointment, visit www.nailznc.com.

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Photo: Ashley Grimes
Ashley Grimes
Author: Ashley Grimes

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