Duke University has a new set of adorable undergrads. Say hello to the Spring 2020 Duke Puppy Kindergarten Class! Each semester, the Duke Canine Cognition gets a new group of puppies to study and train from the organization, Canine Companions, which provides assistance dogs to people in need free of charge. These pups will be trained to perform a variety of tasks like opening doors, turning on lights, picking up objects that are dropped out of reach and alerting their human partners to important sounds.

And yes, you can come visit them!

Visiting hours and where to find them

You can visit these cuties Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11AM-5PM.

Find them in the subbasement of the Biological Sciences building at 130 Science Dr, Durham, NC 27708 (room 002A). The pups will be on campus until April 17th!

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Katelyn Belch
Author: Katelyn Belch

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