Zweli's steps up to help evacuated residents of McDougald Terrace

Due to carbon monoxide levels, residents of McDougald Terrace were displaced and located to 11 motels in the area. At this news, local restaurant Zweli’s stepped up and fed hundreds of people.

But they’re not done. They’re continuing to organize efforts to get all of these families fed. Many of these families are in hotels without any sort of kitchen. They are also now asking folks to drop off non-perishable food items, clothing, and school supplies. Zweli’s is located at 4600 Chapel Hill Boulevard. See their post for more information about their continued efforts.

A  Good Neighbor GoFundMe page has been started for the residents, which will be used to purchase more food and supplies.

McDougald Terrace’s Public Housing Resident Council President Ashley Canady is also collecting items for residents who were forced to evacuate. Donations can be dropped off at 51 Ridgeway Avenue, Apartment B.

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Katelyn Belch
Author: Katelyn Belch

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